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  • Agatino Rizzo

  • Allan Holmgren

  • Anders Widerlund

    Förstudie av kvävereaktioner i Kirunagruvans processvatten för minimering av ammoniumhalter Projektet är en förstudie som ska utreda möjligheterna att utnyttja isotopanalyser för att förbättra kunskapen om kväveprocesser i gruva och förädlingsverk i Kiruna. Kväveisotoper har inte tidigare använts...

  • Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson (PhD, Business Administration) is Professor of Accounting and Control. His research is mainly oriented towards strategic control, behavioral aspects of accounting and control, and accounting information as part of a broader information mix. His current research concerns extractive...

  • Andreas Johansson

    Född i Luleå 1972 i datateknik 1997 Tekn. doktor i reglerteknik 2002 Docent i reglerteknik 2007 Forskningen handlar om modellering, styrning, och feldetektering i komplexa dynamiska system, främst med inriktning mot processindustri.

  • Ann Bäckström

  • Anna Gustafson

    Anna Gustafson is in the process of finalizing her PhD in the field of RAMS analysis of Load Haul Dump (LHD) machines (with special relevance to automatic operation) at the division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. Manual and automatic LHDs has been...

  • Anna-Lena Ljung

    My research is mainly directed towards the fluid and heat transformation in porous materials, as applied to drying of iron ore pellets. The aim is to develop models that can be applied to drying of both discrete pellets as well as pellets building a bed. Applying detailed calculation models...

  • Anuttam Patra

  • Bertil Pålsson

  • Bo Johansson

  • Braham Prakash

  • Carrie Jonsson

    Born 1979 in Malaysia. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom (2002); Master of Science in Wood Technology from Luleå University of Technology, Skellefteå, Sweden (2009). In Dec 2009 I started my PhD studies at the...

  • Catrin Edelbro

    I graduated as a Civil Engineer with specialization in rock engineering and rock mechanics in December 1999. My thesis concerned rock slope stability and blasting. My lic.seminar concerning rock mass classification and failure criteria took place 2004. In 2008 I presented my Doctoral Thesis in th...

  • Cecilia Lund

      This project combines two different but closely connected disciplines in a mining process to each other, ore geology and process mineralogy by studying mineralogical-textural features of the ore and the ore concentrate in an apatite iron ore deposit in Malmberget. The first discipline is ore...

  • Daniel Johansson

    Examina 2003 Civingenjörsexamen Väg och Vattenbyggnadsteknik, bergteknisk avslutning 2008 Teknisk licentiatexamen

  • Diana Chronéer

  • Elisaveta Potapova

    Born 1984 in Arkhangelsk, Russia, enjoy sports in all forms but extra interested in dance, swimming and snowboard. Further info:

  • Erik Hidman

  • Erik Sundqvist

  • Erik Nilsson

  • Farshid Shadram

  • Fredrik Forsberg

    My research aims towards the development of a method to detect and determine 3D structural deformation and strain inside inhomogeneous materials. The method combines three-dimensional pattern recognition and x-ray microtomography (µCT). The research project covers both the development of a robust...

  • Fredrik Backlund

  • Frida Nellros

    Moved to Luleå in 2005 to pursue a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics at LTU, finished in June 2010. Currently employed in the HLRC funded doctoral research project “Automated image analysis for quantitative characterization of iron ore pellet structures” that started in February 20111. Interests are e...

  • Georgios Nikolakopoulos

    I am Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Automatic Control Systems at the Control Engineering Group at the Division of Systems and Interaction.  My main research interests encompass fields, such as:   Networked Controlled Systems Mechatronics Wireless Sensor Networks & Actuators AUV, UAVs...

  • Glenn Bark

  • Gregory A Poelzer

  • Gustaf Gustafsson

    The aim of this project is developing simulation models describing the mechanical loading of iron ore pellets in handling and storing systems. Material models for iron ore pellets are carried out from experiment. Important material properties are the deformation behaviour during loading and a...

  • Håkan Alm

    University studies at Umeå university 1971 – 1983   Bachelor of science 1976 (psychology, sociology, learning, applied psychology)   Ph.D in psychology 1983, supervised by professor Berndt Brehmer, with the thesis “Learning of probabilistic inference tasks: effects of uncertainty and function...

  • Håkan Schunnesson

  • Hans Rabén

    I am originally from Stockholm where I grew up and studied. After I graduated in electrical engineering from KTH I first worked a few years in the industry with electronic design before I decided for PhD studies here at the University of Technology (LTU) in Luleå.   My Research  Here at Luleå...

  • Jan Stener

  • Jesper Stjernberg

    Should be in english here. Jag heter Jesper Stjernberg och är född och uppvuxen i Filipstad. Jag flyttade till Luleå år 2001 för att påbörja civilingenjörsutbildningen i teknisk fysik (matematisk inriktning) på Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU), vilken jag slutförde 2006. Mitt examensarbete utförd...

  • Johan Borg

  • Jonny Johansson

    Jonny Johansson defended his PhD thesis in 2004, within the area of low power analog electronics for sensor front ends. He has since his defence supervised three PhD students towards their degree as assistant supervisor. Since 2011 he holds the title as Associate Professor, and is the main...

  • T Kamesh Sandeep Kumar

  • Kristina L NIlsson

  • Lars-Olof Nordin

  • Lena Goldkuhl

  • Lena Abrahamsson

  • Linda Wårell

  • Magnus Westerstrand Mina egenskaper * Nyfiken * Analytisk * Samarbetsförmåga   Arbetslivserfarenhet 2006--    Doktorand i Tillämpad Geologi vid Luleå Tekniska Universitet   Projekt; LKAB (Kiruna) processvattnets variationer, påverka på miljö och...

  • Magnus Ode´n

  • Magnus Nygren

    PhD student studying safety culture, psychosocial work environment and accident prevention, in a project financed by HLRC. Worked previously as a research engineer at the Division of Human Work Science focusing on competence development and learning in the workplace, and as senior research engine...

  • Mai-Britt Mose Jensen

  • Maria Wiklander

  • Marta-Lena Antti

  • Martin Simonsson

  • Matthew Thurley

    Matthew Thurley is founder of an emerging group in Industrial Image Analysis at Luleå University of Technology where he has developed a series of industrial machine vision prototypes within the Swedish mining, aggregates and steel industries. His research and experience focuses on analysis and...

  • Matthias Wimmer

    Present situation Presently employe of LKAB as a Research Engineer. The last of the Doctoral studies at LTU are taking place as a parallell action to my work. Previous education   08/2006 – 12/2011 Ongoing Doctoral studies with focus on blasting in sublevel caving mines Luleå University of...

  • Matti Rantatalo

  • Mattias Vesterlund

    presentation in swedish; Personpresentation Mattias Vesterlund Jag är född i Älvsbyn 1980 tog min civilingenjörsexamen 2007 i Uppsala inom energisystem.  Jag har arbetat som  elektriker och energi konsult innan min anställning 2011 på Luleå Tekniska Universitet. Där har jag nu en doktorandtjänst ...

  • Mikael Palo

  • Nikolaos Petropoulos

  • Nils Almqvist

      more info:

  • Pär Semberg

    Ms.C in Chemical engineering with a specialisation in minerals processing and metallurgy from Luleå University of Technology, 2006. Technical Licentiate in Process Metallurgy from Luleå University of Technology, 2010.    Hobbies: hunting, fishing, hiking and sports such as tennis, volleyboll and...

  • Pär Jonsén

    Research is focused on non-linear finite element simulation, particle based methods like smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) and particle finite element method. Main application areas are modelling of different granular processes, fluid structure interaction, silo problems and pulp. Powder...

  • Pertti Lamberg

  • Rickard Jolsterå

      further information: for information on my research, see also aclip from my presentation at the Bergforsk in Luleå 2013;  

  • Rickard O Nilsson

      Rickard Nilsson received the M.Sc. degree, in January 1996, the Lic.Eng. degree, in April 1999, and the Ph.D. degree, in January 2002, all from Lulea University of Technology (LTU), Sweden. Since 1995 he has cooperated closely with the telecommunications industry. Until 2002 he worked with Tel...

  • Savka Dineva

  • Simon Matti

  • Soheil Salehpour

  • Sraj Banda

  • Staffan Lundström

  • Sverker Jagers

  • Thomas Blanksvärd

  • Tomas Villegas

  • Tomas Örn

    MA in Integrated Conservation from the University of Gothenburg 2011. Tomas Örn also has a background in social anthropology. He was most recently working with urban development and how cultural heritage processes works with other sectorial interests, mainly in the City of Stockholm and the Swedi...

  • Tommy Karlkvist

    Born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, where I did my MSc in Chemical engineering at Mälardalen University. I did my master thesis at Uppsala University in organic pharmaceutical chemistry. After graduation I worked at Saab before joining LTU in February 2011.

  • Torbjörn Löfqvist

  • Viswanathan Nurni

  • Xiaofang Yang