Common HLRC-day with LKABs R&D Dept

"HLRC dagen" - this year HLRC will have a common theme day with LKABs R&D Dept at the Dundret Conference facility. The theme for this day is "Open Innovation". Event date is November 30th 2011.

This gives you as a HLRC-funded researcher an opportunity to mingle and network with LKAB-researchers from Kiruna, Malmberget and Luleå.


09.25 Welcome! Kent Tano, LKAB

09.30 How open is "open innovation"?

Johan Frishammar, Professor in Industrial Organisation at LTU ”My research deals with leading and organizing R&D on a corporate level and the cooperation between enterprise and other organizations.”

10.15 Break

10.30 Open innovation - a hygiene factor for SCA

Kerstin Johansson, Manager Open Innovation, SCA Hygiene Products

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Open Innovation in LKAB, this is how we work towards and together, with LTU and other universities.

Kent Tano, FOU-chef  LKAB

14.15 Break

14.30 How to make individual genies to work as a team? l

Roger Rönnberg, Coach for Swedish Junior National Team in ice hockey and previously Coach forLuleå Hockey.

15.30 Panel debate: How do we make to open doors to innovation even      more? 

Participants discusses with their neighbour for 20 minutes and makes a list

  of interesting questions to adress and/or suggestions that is discussed within

the panel debate.

17.00 Summary and closing 

17.15 Dinner


Please note that return transport with the bus leaves Dundret late on conference day. This means that "overnights stayers" have to arrange their stay and return transport themselves.

Bus transport: from LTU (resp Svartövägen for LKABs R&D staff).

If you plan to stay for dinner and/or use the free bus transport opportunity, make a notification of this together with your notification of participation on the HLRC-day.

Notification of participation is sent by e-mail to;

Ulf Lindbäck, LTU

heading of your e-mail;  "Anmälan HLRC-dag på Dundret"