HLRC-dagen 2015

Wednesday the 16th of September there will be presentations of ongoing HLRC-projects. The meeting takes place at LKAB Research Centre in Malmberget.

Useful results and possible or obvious applications/benefits of this research can and will have implications for LKAB in its everyday and long termwork to produce pellets and magnetite products that are attractive for the world market.


Pres  1: Analysis of the mining induced seismicity at Kiirunavaara Mine

Pres  2: Architecture for Attractive Urban Environments

Pres  3: Defining, Establishing and Piloting of Geometallurgical Model and Simulation Frameork for iron Ores

Pres  4: Environmental Permitting and Regulation in the Mining Industry

Pres  5: ePellet

Pres  6: Grate Aerodynamik “Studie av Processgasflöden I Grate”

Pres  7: Improved understanding of sublevel blasting – Determination of the extent of the compacted zone, its properties and the effect on caving

Pres  8: Metod för analys och optimering av energiförsörjningen i nya Kiruna

Pres  9: Mining, Institutions and public opinion: Interactions beteen stakeholder-groups and the administrative system

Pres 10: Modeling of physico-chemical phenomena during induration of Magnetic Pellets

Pres 11: WETLIMS – Measurements and Models