Automated image analysis for quantitative characterization of iron ore pellet structures

LKAB Contact Seija Forsmo    LTU Contact Matthew Thurley
Posted in Smart pellets

In order to improve the mechanical strength in magnetite iron ore pellets it is of vital importance to be able to characterize and quantitatively measure the degree of sintering and features that impact the process of sintering.

 Picyures from pellet cuts

The goal of this doctoral research project is to develop fully automated image analysis techniques for quantitative characterization of sintering related features. Furthermore, to provide these techniques as automated analysis tools for LKAB to apply in internal research to develop a better understanding and control of sintering related phenomena and improve pellet strength and quality.


Proposed methods are optical microscopy as it is a robust, well established measurement technology well suited to the measurement of iron oxides, and X-ray tomography to address some of these needs as it offers the key benefit of non-destructive measurement and future speed improvements should significantly improve measurement times