Interactions between iron oxides and additives in iron ore pellets during reduction

LKAB Contact Anna Dahlstedt    LTU Contact Bo Björkman
Posted in Smart pellets

This project aims to enhance the fundamental understanding of physical and chemical interactions occurring between additives and iron oxides in an iron ore pellet during reduction in the blast furnace. This understanding is considered essential in order to develop pellets with optimal properties regarding reducibility, mechanical strength, disintegration behaviour, swelling and primary slag formation.

In previous studies the pellets used have often been samples from production in larger scale. Due to variations that cannot be avoided in large scale equipment, very large samples have to be studied to reach reasonable confidence levels. It is therefore commonly quite difficult to draw clear conclusions from these results. This project will therefore be based on pellet samples of high uniformity produced by using micro-rolling equipment developed by LKAB. The reduction behaviour of micro-rolled pellets with different amounts and types of additives will then be studied in lab-scale reduction furnaces at the metallurgical laboratories of LTU. The results will also be compared with samples reduced in LKAB:s experimental blast furnace in Luleå.

Micro-rolled pellets after lab-scale reduction.