Optimal timing in confined SLC blasting

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Posted in Sustainable mining

Main objective and background

Sub-Level caving (SLC) and its success is highly dependent on sufficient fragmentation and swell. These two factors do influence the caving capabilities of the broken ore, in other words the ore recoveries and waste rock intrusions.

This work will investigate the shock wave interaction phenomenon in a confined blasting environment as in SLC. By small-scale blast experiments, will the shock waves and its influence on the fragmentation and swell be investigated.

Research questions

  • Does the initiation delay influence the fragmentation in unconfined and confined (pressure from caving debris) conditions?
  • How is debris compaction influenced?
  • Can we simulate blasting in sub-level caving with realistic results?

Desired outcome

If there exists positive wave interaction, will this contribute to the optimisation of a sub-level blasting round by correct timing between the blast holes in the fan hole blast ring. This will promote ore flow and increased recovery