Research Application

Funding is possible for preliminary studies as well as full projects. Often the preliminary study precede the full project. Funding of prelimininary studies are decided by the steering committee whereas full project applications are reviewed and decided by the Board of HLRC.

A cooperation with representatives for LTU and LKAB when forming the research application is recommended. 

In the research application template below you condense your application under each heading and submit it together with the complete application (in form of a pdf )file. The application is then automatically sent to the chairman of the steering committe for HLRC, who if relevant forwards the application for a a board decision.

Please Note: Only students and staff at Luleå Technical University (LTU) and persons associated to LTU can apply for research funding.

You have to fill in a  Finance calculus  that you save as an excel file to your computer and then submit to your application as an attached file together with your complete aplication ( "grey button" below in the application).




Application details

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