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  • A pre-study on wheel/rail interface friction management

    The occurrence of friction (or adhesion) and wear in wheel/rail interaction is important both from technological and economic view points. According American Association of Railroads, friction and wear in wheel/rail interaction costs the US railroads alone in excess of $2 billion every year...

    Researcher Braham Prakash
    LKAB Contact Thomas Nordmark
    LTU Contact
    Posted in Logistics
  • Condition based maintenance of iron ore wagons with a focus on wheels

    The logistic railway transport system of LKAB is subject to continuous improvements in order to optimize the whole system. This includes planning capacity through a "pull flow" to make use of track and train operation capacity in the best way and to minimize rolling stock cost and other cost...

    Researcher Mikael Palo
    LKAB Contact Thomas Nordmark
    LTU Contact P.O. Larsson Kråik
    Posted in Logistics