Urban Transformation

The target area “Urban Transformation” includes research and development based on the needs for the urban transformation in Gällivare and Kiruna. The work helps to ensure LKAB's mining operations, maintaining and developing attractive communities.


The research:

  • Supports the work of urban transformation in Gällivare and Kiruna
  • Provides increased opportunities for development of attractive communities and a good transition during change
  • Is based on local needs and conditions
  • Provides innovative solutions
  • Has a strong focus on social, ecological and economic sustainability.
  • 2BEST BESTående BESTånd

    The project “Smart energieffektivisering av kulturhistoriska byggnader i kallt klimat” has shown the potential of energy saving measures in the historic buildings owned by LKAB Fastigheter in Kiruna and Gällivare. According to the results, a reduction of up to 20% in heating energy use could be...

    LKAB Contact Lars-Gunnar Uusitalo
    LTU Contact Prof Kristina Nilsson
  • Architecture for attractive urban environments

    This research aims to investigate and gain relevant knowledge about professional and non-professional perspectives on the architecture of attractive urban and residential environments. Research is focused on smaller urban settlements such as towns and villages and their ability to attract new...

    LKAB Contact Mikael Westerlund
    LTU Contact
  • Metod för analys och optimering av energiförsörjningen i nya Kiruna

    Stadsomvanligen i Kiruna och Gällivare ställer stora krav på utformning av ny infrastruktur i samhället. Energiförsörjningssystemet i Kiruna måste anpassas till den nya stadsplaneringen och också utformas så att det blir energieffektivt och hållbart. Genom att utveckla processintegrationsmodeller...

    Researcher Mattias Vesterlund
    LKAB Contact Bo Lindblom
    LTU Contact Jan Dahl

    The research project aims to investigate, develop methods and techniques for energy efficient cultural heritage buildings in cold climate without deforming the antiqurian and architechtural values. By applied science and development the ambition is to find new knowledge to be implemented in...

    Researcher Tomas Örn
    LKAB Contact
    LTU Contact Kristina L Nilsson